karate for
milton kids

Hey Milton moms! Looking for something truly enriching for our kids? Our Movement Karate classes aren’t just about those cool punches and kicks. Beyond that, we’re helping our young ones develop strong character, resilience, and that unshakeable confidence. It’s about teaching them life’s valuable lessons that they’ll carry with them, no matter where they go or what they choose to do.

the journey
to blackbelt

Ever seen a Black Belt and wondered about the story behind it? It’s more than just a piece of cloth. It tells the world, “Here’s someone who doesn’t back down, even when things get tough.” When our Milton kids start aiming for that Black Belt, we’re essentially setting them on a path towards a brighter and more determined future.

not given

You know how we always tell our kids that life isn’t about getting handed things on a silver platter? That’s exactly the principle we stand by at Movement. No participation trophies here – but what they will experience is real growth, challenges, and the joy of overcoming them, all in a supportive environment. It’s about teaching them lessons they’ll remember and lean on, time and again.

A young boy in a karate uniform smiles and presses his hands to his face.

about our team

You want to know who’s guiding our kids, right? At Movement, our coaches are just as invested in our children’s growth as we are. Their goal? To see our kids become stronger—both physically and mentally, brimming with confidence, focus, and discipline. Plus, trust me, they make sure the kids have a blast while they’re at it!


Movement Karate is AMAZING!! So good for the kids! Not only do they learn great skills for self defense, they also learn discipline and learn how to have fun while doing it. My son is so happy to go to his classes! 

jessica owen

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