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Established in 2021, Movement Karate in Cumming, GA is dedicated to providing children with an environment where they can thrive, develop invaluable life skills, and become mentally and physically strong. Unlike many conventional sports, our martial arts program equips young individuals with essential real-world skills that lay the groundwork for lifelong success. At Movement Karate, we nurture focus, self-confidence, and resilience, all of which are instrumental for personal and professional achievements throughout life.


Our karate programs are the perfect way for your student to grow stronger physically and mentally. In these classes, kids learn how to act like a Black Belt – focused, strong, and ready for anything. Classes strike a perfect balance between hard work and fun, so kids are growing each and every class and they’re always excited to get back on the mat for the next adventure!


Movement Karate is AMAZING!! So good for the kids! Not only do they learn great skills for self defense, they also learn discipline and learn how to have fun while doing it. My son is so happy to go to his classes!

Jessica Owen

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