After School Karate

After School Karate

Rather than leaving your kids in the care of a high-school kid swiping through their phone, let your child’s after school time be productive, fun, and rewarding. Every day, they’ll participate in a full karate class, they’ll have time for games, snack, and homework, and by the time you pick them up they’re ready for dinner, family time, and bed!

Don't Let
Your Kids Get Lost in the Crowd

Too many after school programs are overcrowded, understaffed, and underserve families and kids like yours. Our program is designed to give you the best of both worlds – the same world-class martial arts training you’ll find in our evening classes with a coach who’s committed to their success and the freedom to finish up your workday guilt-free, knowing your kids are in a positive, active environment.

Transportation Provided

Here’s what a typical day looks like at Movement After School – we’ll pick your kids up from Whitlow, Vickery Creek, or Kelly Mill in our dedicated vehicles and bring them right back to our facility. They’ll have time to change into their uniform, eat a quick snack, and jump right into games and class. They’re always up and moving with real purpose to their day, so you can feel great about the time they spend with us!

An After School Program that invests in your child's success

From their very first class, they’ll build focus, discipline, and confidence that will last a lifetime.


We intentionally put limits on the number of students in our After School Program in order to ensure that every kid gets the attention and the relationship with their coach that they need. During class, every student’s individual needs are met – they’re not just a face in the crowd, they’re a part of a family.

After karate class each day, students have quiet time in their own dedicated area. We understand that for a lot of families, we fill multiple needs – mentorship, physical fitness, and after school care. For that reason, we provide time for kids to read, play quietly, or get homework done, and many choose to finish up their responsibilities so that by the time they go home, they can just relax.

Absolutely not. One of the most important things that we teach kids when we teach them to defend themselves is that there is a right and a wrong time to use martial arts. Kids will build the confidence and situational awareness that keeps them as safe as possible in dangerous situations, but we instill in them that physical conflict should be a last resort. We’ve seen over and over again that when kids have a safe, constructive place to channel their energy, they become less aggressive and less likely to seek out fights.

When they arrive at Movement, they’ve got time to eat a snack and get changed into their uniforms, then we all head out onto the mat for some games to get them loose and active! They’ll get to unwind from the day for a little while, then jump right into karate class, which lasts 45 minutes to an hour. After class, they’ll change back into their regular clothes and have quiet time in a dedicated space, supervised by Movement staff. Many students use this time to catch up on homework, reading, or to play quietly with their friends.

Throughout your student’s training with us, you’ll receive updates via text message, photo, and video message on a regular basis. You’ll also have direct access to your child’s coaches, who can answer any questions you have. We also distribute seasonal After School Report Cards that update you on your child’s current progress and offer a library of online resources so you always know what they’re working on and accountable for in each curriculum season.


Movement Karate is AMAZING!! So good for the kids! Not only do they learn great skills for self defense, they also learn discipline and learn how to have fun while doing it. My son is so happy to go to his classes!

Jessica Owen

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