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Movement Karate

Established in 2021, Movement Karate in Cumming, GA is dedicated to providing children with an environment where they can thrive, develop invaluable life skills, and become mentally and physically strong. Unlike many conventional sports, our martial arts program equips young individuals with essential real-world skills that lay the groundwork for lifelong success. At Movement Karate, we nurture focus, self-confidence, and resilience, all of which are instrumental for personal and professional achievements throughout life.



Our Coach

Tomas Baez is a life-long practitioner of martial arts and has been coaching kids in karate for nearly 20 years. After emigrating to the United States from Venezuela as a child in order to find a better life with his family, he struggled to learn the language and find his place in his new home. Martial arts gave him a place to belong and a goal to focus on.

The discipline and determination Tomas cultivated through martial arts training enabled him to serve as a Sergeant in the United States Army’s 82nd Airborne Division for four years. Today, his unwavering commitment to helping children realize their full potential is evident in his personalized approach to coaching at Movement Karate. Tomas motivates and challenges each student according to their individual needs, supports their unique aspirations, and serves as a positive role model, guiding thousands of students on their martial arts journey.

Join us at Movement Karate in Cumming, GA, and let your child experience the transformative power of martial arts in a supportive and inspiring environment. Our expert coaching and comprehensive program will instill essential life skills that your child will carry with them for years to come.

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