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Movement Karate

Movement Karate was founded in 2021 to give kids a place where they can be challenged, build life-long character skills, and make themselves both mentally and physically stronger as well. Most kids’ sports don’t give kids the opportunity to develop real-world skills that will help them build a foundation of success for the rest of their lives. But when kids get started with martial arts classes at Movement Karate, they develop the focus, confidence, and resilience that they’ll need to be successful for the rest of their lives.



Our Coach

Tomas Baez is a life-long practitioner of martial arts and has been coaching kids in karate for nearly 20 years. After emigrating to the United States from Venezuela as a child in order to find a better life with his family, he struggled to learn the language and find his place in his new home. Martial arts gave him a place to belong and a goal to focus on.

The skills he developed training in martial arts laid the foundation for a 4-year enlistment as a Sergeant in the United States Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. Since then, he’s been focused on helping kids reach their full potential by pushing them when they need to be pushed, supporting their individual goals and dreams, and serving as a role model, coach, and mentor to thousands of students over the course of his martial arts career.

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