Karate Birthday Parties

There’s no better place for your child’s birthday party than Movement! We keep kids totally engaged while you sit back and enjoy the party. We take care of every detail, from the games and activities to the tables, chairs, and everything you need for a party they’ll always remember. All you need to do is provide food and any decorations and you’re all set.

Two Awesome Themes to Choose From

Whether you’re looking for a Ninja birthday party or want to go all out with a giant Nerf Battle, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Movement. Our birthday parties consist of 45-60 minutes of high-energy playtime followed by 30-45 minutes for presents, pizza, cake, and ice cream (or whatever else you’d like to bring!)

Your Child is the Star of the Show

Whether you’re a student with us or not, the party is a ton of fun – and when you can invite all your friends to join in, things get even better! The games and activities at our birthday parties are perfect for any age, any skill level, and make it easy for kids to jump right in and have fun from the start!


The more, the merrier! There’s no limit to the number of guests you invite – all we ask is for a rough head count prior to the party so that we can staff your party appropriately. You’ll have complete use of the facility, so you never have to worry about interfering with another group.

We’ll take care of all the games, activities, and even send the kids home with a fun goody bag. We also have all the tables and chairs you’ll need to make sure everybody has a spot. We only ask that you handle any specific decorations you’d like (we’ve seen it all, from princesses to Power Rangers) and any food you want to bring as well.

They’ll definitely be participating in some high-flying ninja action! While the activities are themed around martial arts, they’re set up in a way so that every participant can enjoy them, whether they’re interested in martial arts or not. Some kids want to do a lot of kicks and punches and board breaking and flying kicks, while other kids want more running around and playing games. Either is fine with us and we totally customize the experience to make it awesome and unique for your child.

Birthday parties start at noon and last for about 90 minutes on Saturdays. In some occasions, we’re willing to move the time around a little bit. The basic rule of thumb is that if you have a specific request, ask! We’ll usually be able to help you out.

We do karate ninja parties for kids as young as 4, but we ask that for the Nerf party, kids be no younger than 7. Any younger than that and the party turns from a “Nerf Wars” party to a “Mom, my Nerf gun is broken – can you fix it?” party. And that’s a lot less fun.


Movement Karate is AMAZING!! So good for the kids! Not only do they learn great skills for self defense, they also learn discipline and learn how to have fun while doing it. My son is so happy to go to his classes!

Jessica Owen

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