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When school is out, day camps at Movement are the place to be! Instead of your kids spending their day buried in their devices, we’ll keep them up and moving, engaged with other kids and breaking a sweat! Whether you’re a student or not, these camps are a great fit for any family that’s looking for a fun, positive environment for their kids on a day off from school.

Fun Daily Themes and Field Trips

Every day is a new adventure at Movement’s camps! Whether we stay in-house or load up and head to one of our favorite field trip destinations, your child’s day is full of fun and excitement. Each day is different, so kids never know what to expect – they just know they’ll have a blast when they’re here with us!

Full Day Care at No Extra Cost

We hold structured activities from 9am-3pm but you can drop off as early as 7:30 and pick up as late as 5:45 for no extra cost, so you get the benefit of a full camp day if you need it, or just a fun way for the kids to spend a few hours if that’s what you’d prefer! Either way, they’re in great hands every minute they’re with us!


We keep things fresh, so no two days are exactly alike, but here’s a basic idea of what to expect: Camp hours are from 9-3 each day, but you can drop off as early as 7:30am and pick up as late as 5:45pm for no extra cost. During camp hours, kids have time set aside for lunch and a couple of snacks, but other than those times, they’re up and moving! We keep them in groups with their friends, playing fun games that tie in with our daily theme. They’re running around, breaking a sweat, and having a blast!

Unfortunately because our camp spaces are so limited, we’re unable to offer discounts on day camps to additional family members or students enrolled in other programs. We keep our prices incredibly reasonable and competitive because we know a large number of families count on us for care during days when kids are out of school. For summer camps, we offer early registration discounts and discounts when families want to pay in full for the summer in advance.

We start daily activities at 9am, but we know how days off go – sometimes, it’s nice to sleep in a little bit and get a late start to the day. You’re more than welcome to arrive at any time during the camp day and your campers will be able to jump right into the action! Similarly, if you need to pick them up a little bit early, before the camp day is done, that’s fine too! The only exceptions are the days we take field trips. We’ll keep communication open and let you know well in advance when we plan to leave, but if you’re not here by the time our vehicles leave, you’ll need to make other travel arrangements.

Absolutely! Each camp day, kids will participate in a fun karate class. Because camps are open to both students and non-students, these classes tend to be more “fun-based” than our typical evening or After-School classes, so they don’t count towards your child’s progress toward his or her next belt. For kids who have never experienced martial arts before and are interested in checking it out, camp days are the perfect fit!

Each day, you’ll need to send a lunch, two snacks, and a water bottle. Sometimes, we also have specialty days where kids will need to bring additional materials for a specific craft project or some other supplies (NERF Wars days are the best!) In any event, we’ll make sure to communicate with you well in advance what you need to send and are always here to answer any questions that arise!


Movement Karate is AMAZING!! So good for the kids! Not only do they learn great skills for self defense, they also learn discipline and learn how to have fun while doing it. My son is so happy to go to his classes!

Jessica Owen

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