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MIssion statement

Our mission is to empower at-risk elementary school children in Forsyth County by providing them with free after-school karate program. We aim to teach life skills, instill confidence and discipline, and promote physical fitness through martial arts.

 Our success will be measured by the progress and achievements of our students, as they advance through the karate belt system. By working closely with school counselors and engaging the community, we hope to give children a chance to turn their lives around and become positive role models for future generations.


empower your child through martial arts

the benefits of after school Karate

Martial Arts can provide a wealth of benefits that extend far beyond the physical realm. As a martial art, karate emphasizes discipline, focus, and self-control, helping children develop these important skills that can serve them well throughout their lives. In addition to the physical benefits of improved fitness, strength, and coordination, karate can also provide a safe and structured environment for children to spend time in after school.

For children who may be at risk of negative influences or engaging in risky behaviors, karate can offer a positive outlet and a sense of community. The rigorous and demanding nature of karate training requires dedication and commitment, helping children develop important qualities like perseverance, resilience, and goal-setting skills. Moreover, through karate practice, children can learn how to manage their emotions and develop a strong sense of self-discipline and respect for others.

Karate also teaches important life skills such as problem-solving and teamwork, helping children develop a positive mindset and a sense of responsibility. By enrolling your child in karate, you are not only helping them improve their physical health but also investing in their personal growth and well-being. The lessons and skills learned in karate can help children navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience, setting them up for success in all areas of their lives.


Movement Karate is AMAZING!! So good for the kids! Not only do they learn great skills for self defense, they also learn discipline and learn how to have fun while doing it. My son is so happy to go to his classes!


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